17 December 2010

The Biblical Alternative to Youth Groups

I posted a couple days ago noting my dislike for church youth groups, noting especially that youth groups contribute to collective idiocy among the young.

However, youth groups are universally praised within the church.  At the same time, older members often complain about generational gap.  It never occurs to the old that their emphasis on youth groups and the rise of the generational gap are related.  It certainly never occurs to the old folks that they are the reason for both.

In Titus 2:1-8, Paul explains to Titus the role that older men and women are to have in the church.  That role is to mentor the younger generation.  It is especially interesting that the bulk of that passage deals with women, and makes a clear link between the older women and younger women.  (Note: the link between older men and younger men is implicit, and not as highly prioritized.)

Since the church has fallen away from following the Biblical command in this regard, it should come as no surprise that Christian youth seem distant to the older folks, and that they seem less committed.  After all, the older members no longer spend time with the youth.  The old folks certainly don't teach them.  And thus, the current generation is lost because the older generation ignored the clear teachings of the Bible.

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