30 December 2010

What Cannot Be Undone

From RWW:

The contentious whistle-blowing site WikiLeaks has ruffled so many feathers that it's been shut down not just in the countries we think of as repressive, but in those we like to think are open. Because of that, mirror sites have proliferated. But accompanying the mirrors are clones. Clone sites reproduce access to some or all of the material available on the home site or serve a similar function as WikiLeaks but independently of that group. All of them add value by focusing on a specific concern or geography.

WikiLeaks is now responsible for the inevitable rise of the citizen spy.  Average citizens of countries the world over will now have the opportunity to function as the collectors and purveyors of secrets, whether held by businesses or governments.  Hopefully, this means that there will be more honesty and openness in the world, and less evil.

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