15 January 2011

An Example of Consequentialism

Some American actress was apparently harassed by some Kiwimen when filming down in New Zealand:

A Hollywood star has publicly complained of being sexually harassed by New Zealand men, prompting a counter-attack by tourism bosses.
Anna Faris, who previously starred in the Scary Movie series, Lost in Translation and as herself in Entourage, spent time in Auckland last year filming Yogi Bear.
Appearing on American television to promote the movie, the 34-year-old said Kiwi men had shouted obscenities at her in public and demanded she show them her breasts.

There will undoubtedly be some who try to shame Kiwi men for their behavior, but that effort is misguided.  You see, Ms. Faris didn’t seem to have any problems going topless in some of her films, which makes her complaint ring a little false.  Obviously, she has no issue with having her body ogled by men she doesn’t know.  Why then does she have an issue with that now?

And thus, there is highlighted, for our edification, a beautiful lesson in consequentialism.  Ms. Faris engaged in behavior that readily demonstrates to the most casual of observers that she is a slut.  Unsurprisingly, she is treated like a slut.  And yet, the lady doth complain.

Too many women try to do the same thing today.  They may not actually have sex with very many men, but they dress like prostitutes, talk like common whores, adapt the mannerisms of sluts, make out with anyone with a pulse, and generally exhibit whorish behavior.  And then they have the audacity to demand that they be treated with respect.  As Ferdinand Bardamu has pointed out quite eloquently, they do not deserve respect.

This lack of respect is clearly seen in how men treat women.  Women behave in such a base manner that they can no longer command anyone’s respect.  And they no longer receive it.  Truly, who can be surprised by this development?

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