27 January 2011

More Proof

More evidence that the banks are run by spineless liars:

In violation of a law intended to protect active military personnel from creditors, agents of Deutsche Bank foreclosed on his small Michigan house, forcing Sergeant Hurley’s wife, Brandie, and her two young children to move out and find shelter elsewhere.
When the sergeant returned in December 2005, he drove past the densely wooded riverfront property outside Hartford, Mich. The peaceful little home was still there — winter birds still darted over the gazebo he had built near the water’s edge — but it almost certainly would never be his again. Less than two months before his return from the war, the bank’s agents sold the property to a buyer in Chicago for $76,000.”
And it only gets worse from there.
The Sergeant (retired, disabled) has been on a legal odyssey that is in its 7th year. He is battling Deutsche Bank Trust Company and Morgan Stanley subsidiary Saxon Mortgage Services.

Basically, there are laws on the book that give service members on active duty special protection from legal issues that may arise due to their prolonged absence.  I can’t think of any reason why these sorts of laws are problematic or immoral, nor can I think of any reason for banks to not comply with these laws.

The simple fact of the matter is that banks have run roughshod over these laws, and more besides.  Anyone who thinks that there is respect for rule of law in America is sadly mistaken. This story is a microcosm of what’s been happening across the country for the past several years.  And, that story does not have a happy ending for anyone, except the kleptocrats at the top.

Enjoy the decline!

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