26 January 2011

Paragraphs to Ponder

From Karl Denninger:
In any event, let's put forward a few things for the police to ponder, assuming they care to.
You might get more cooperation from the local citizens if you didn't smash in people's doors - most-especially the wrong ones. It used to be that when you wanted to arrest someone you performed a job function called "police work", where you sat outside someone's home or apartment with a nice stake-out and waited for a good opportunity to apprehend them when there'd be little chance of violence. Now you initiate the violence, no doubt because it's really important to show off all that fancy hardware you bought and justify its purchase. Unfortunately there's a rapidly-growing list of people who did nothing that was actually criminal, or who weren't the criminal you were after, that get shot up and even murdered - all by "accident." If they survive the felonious assault (and that's exactly what you'd call it if a random citizen did it) their property is usually destroyed. That sort of incident tends to **** off the people in the neighborhood who are not the bad guy you're looking for and leads them to want to do things like flip you the bird instead of help you. The next time you have a criminal in the area you're not going to get any cooperation from anyone once you do something like this.
You might also get more cooperation from the local citizens if you actually arrested some of the bad guys who have been buttraping the people for the last three years or so with impunity. You know, like the banksters who are stealing houses? Or maybe you could bust the minions that they send out to change locks on homes they haven't foreclosed on yet and in which people are actually living. That's happened a few times in the last couple of months and in at least one famous recent case, in Florida, the woman who owned the house was reduced to cowering in fear in the bathtub while the thugs smashed glass to get in. It also appears that she couldn't count on the local Sheriff to actually arrest the bad guys when she called 911. Yes, I consider someone breaking and entering into a home they don't have title to a "Bad Guy", even if you do not. So does pretty much everyone else. Now about that cooperation you were interested in again....
The rest is here.  Read Vox Day's take here.

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