27 January 2011

Rand Paul is on a Roll

First, Rand does this:

In his first major legislative proposal, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul has proposed cutting government spending by $500 billion in a year, including eliminating the Departments of Energy and Housing and Urban Development and most of the Department of Education.
Paul, R-Ky., said the plan he rolled out Tuesday would cut almost 40 percent of the country's projected deficit by abolishing programs that he said are outside the government's constitutional scope.

Then he does this:
Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) introduced U.S. Senate legislation Wednesday to audit the Federal Reserve while his father, long-time Fed critic Rep. Ron Paul (R., Texas), re-introduced similar legislation in the U.S. House.
 “We must take a critical look at the Fed’s monetary policy decisions, discount window operations, and a host of other things, with a real audit–and not just pay lip-service to the idea of an audit,” Sen. Paul said in a statement. “It is more crucial than ever that we have real transparency at our own central bank.”

Given that there are roughly 95 idiots in the senate (give or take four), I don’t think his bills will succeed.  It’s nice that these issues are being addressed seriously in the senate, though.


  1. Dang dude you post a lot. Hard for me to keep up :)

    yeah, not much chance of success for these bills. But it is important that those like Rand Paul do this, because it gets folks to thinking.

  2. Thanks, I guess. I usually make a point of writing for about two hours a day. Not all of it gets posted though.

    I hope Rand Paul's proposals will be enough to change the debate, and that we can solve th problem before everything tanks. Timing is everything.

    By the way, thanks for the blog traffic. I appreciate it.