23 February 2011

The Old College Try

I myself used to be very right-liberal, just like Ron Paul, but as time goes on, I have come to conclude that until civic society can be re-established, being right-liberal is merely acquiescing to being east-facing passenger on a westward-bound ferry. Reversing the course of our culture may even require, as OneSTDV suggested in his above-linked post, for the Right to temporarily shift Left and use the machinery of government in order to re-establish the civic institutions and restore the para-governmental organs that maintain order in a free society.

In my previous post, I explained why EW was largely wrong, but since I am very sympathetic to this view point, I’d like to share my ideas on how to make this plan work.

At the start, I’m going to recommend a largely libertarian approach at the federal level, where liberal propagation mechanisms are completely and utterly defunded.  This means no more federal money for welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, or any other programs that foster dependency.  This means no more federal money for the “Arts,” Planned Parenthood, or other leftist nonsense.  And this means no more regulatory agencies at the federal level.  Some, like the SEC, have been asleep at the wheel for the last several years which makes them worthless; others are, like the EPA and DEA, are better administered at the state level.

At this point, the federal government would institute restorative programs that had specific time limits, mandates, and budget caps.  There would be no way to renew the programs once they expire.  If certain types of laws were necessary to encourage desired behaviors, these laws would also have strict expiration dates as well.  I think a twenty-five year time frame for whatever proposals OneSTDV and EW have in mind should be sufficient, for that is one generation’s length of time.

During this time, it is essential that the more conservative denominations, such as Mormonism and Fundamentalist Christianity, go out and preach.  Religion was and is the greatest force for good in this world, and conservative Christianity tends to be the greatest proponent of personal morality and good behavior.  Furthermore, religion is the best way to change the hearts and minds of others, which is essential for lasting culture change.  We have been trying humanist secularism for years, and it does not work.

Personally applied religious conservatism is the way out.  People will be more inclined towards this path if, as heretofore proposed, governmental distortions are removed and temporary governmental support for conservative values is erected in its place.  These things, in tandem, offer us the best chance at reversing decline.

However, in doing these things, conservatives must understand two things:

First, we may be dealing with a Pandora’s Box situation.  It may be that it is impossible to reverse the cultural decline.  I hope that this isn’t the case, but we must be prepared for this outcome.

Second, we must remember that perfect is the enemy of good.  By this I mean that the general goal should be improvement, not perfection.  Utopia does not exist, at least in this world, and never will.  As such, perfection is unattainable, and should not be pursued.

This framework should provide the greatest chance of success.  However, as with all things in life, there are no guarantees.


  1. Two comments.

    1. You have to make being on a benefit actively unattractive, and tolerate some fairly unattractive prosperity doctrine cultish pseudo churches for this to work.

    2. You must destroy the mandarate. The Mandarins, the elite, who move from think tank to policy job and back again. You need term limits, full disclosure of interaction with lobbyists, and limitations on sitting times for Congress (with no standing committees). You really need to starve the beast down... so that people rely on their families, not the state.

    Best of Luck with this in the USA. In NZ, a number of us (interestingly, a larger proportion of minority people than not) see our 60 year old welfare state as destructive of the health of the shared culture and people. Total welfare states destroy -- look at the Aboriginal policies in USA, Canada or Australia for a clear demonstration of this

  2. @ chris- frankly, I don't see this sort of policy succeeding at all. I doubt that most Americans will even think of supporting these policies until it's too late.