19 February 2011

A Word on Conservatism

I adamantly disagree with this naivety; as I believe capitalism without a moderating constraint in social conservatism, as typified by the booming porn industry, will push forward subversive, base products because they tend to sell.

There are a couple of concerns I have with this statement.  First, Ron Paul isn’t a capitalist; he is a free-market apologist.  Yes, there is a difference between the two.  However, those two words are used interchangeably by some, and I’m open to this being the case here.

Second, even if an unrestrained free market isn’t perfect or even optimal, it is certainly better than the system we have now.  Thus, while Ron Paul may not be the perfect candidate right now, he is likely the best one.

Third, there are millions of market variables to account for when making this type of pronouncement.  By this I mean that the government runs interference in the market in thousands of ways, which in turn has a massive impact on consumer behavior, in ways that simply cannot be thoroughly accounted for.  From what I read in this post, OneSTDV did not make a convincing case that the free market is the reason why pornography is so widespread today.

It seems conceivable, although I have no proof, that the federal government could have instituted policies that could have unintentionally led to the widespread acceptance of pornography.  I say that it is conceivable for two reasons.  First, pornography was not particularly widespread when the federal government was relatively small, and relatively powerless.  Second, the increase in sub-optimal societal behavior (teen pregnancy, e.g.) has been linked to market distortions from the federal government.  Thus, it is possible, even probable, that cultural distortions are largely a result of government interference.

As such, it is probable that a Ron Paul presidency would result in a more conservative society, if for no other reason than the fact that he would likely stop subsidizing immorality.


  1. I think a free market without government (not any only goverment created safety nets) actually tends to foster social conservatism as its natural process.

    If the social safety nets are provided by your social groups (like family, friends, churches) the pressure to conform to those groups restrains behavior.

  2. I would certainly agree. Note how American culture has become more liberal as the size and scope of the federal government has increased. Having to be responsible for yourself would undoubtedly tend to make you more conservative.