03 March 2011

No Solution to be Found Here

I believe I’ve mentioned my dislike of the Tea Party before, but this gives me pause to revisit the subject:

It seems that the efforts of the austerians to cow the public into cutting Social Security and Medicare are not getting traction. And Tea Party adherents are breaking with the Republican party line on this issue.
From the Wall Street Journal:
Less than a quarter of Americans support trimming Social Security or Medicare to tackle the country’s budget deficit, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll that illustrates the challenge facing lawmakers seeking voter support for altering entitlement programs.
The poll, conducted between Feb. 24 and 28, found strong opposition for cuts to these entitlement programs across all age groups and ideologies. Even tea party supporters, by a nearly 2-to-1 margin, declared cuts to Social Security “unacceptable.”….

For the record, Social Security is the largest budget expenditure, comprising nearly 20% of the budget.  Medicare is the fourth largest expenditure, comprising nearly 13%.  Together, they account for 32.4% of the federal budget.  Cutting into them is unavoidable.

Yet, the Tea Party opposes this, which is why I absolutely abhor them.  In spite of all the Beck-fueled rhetoric of going back to the constitution and cutting spending and fighting big government, the end result is that when push comes to shove the Tea Party loves entitlements.

Really, Social Security is a no-brainer to me.  It’s wasteful, accounts for nearly 20% of the federal budget, and is entirely and unmistakably unconstitutional, so the correct thing to do would be to eliminate it in its entirety.  And no, the government does not have any obligation to pay you back for taxes put in (at least according to none other than the Supreme Court).

The whole thing is a Ponzi scheme, a pack of lies fabricated by politicians.  And you were sold a bill of goods.  My generation does not deserve to be enslaved because my grandparent’s generation was stupid enough to believe the lies the politicians told them.

So let’s kill this system once and for all.  Will there pain for the older generation if we do so?  Most definitely.  But then, they deserve it.


  1. With all of the parties looking so similar to one another, it seems like the only way to bring about real change is to wait for the system to collapse under itself. Hopefully, I'll be in another country by then. Just don't be the last one holding the bag.

  2. "Hopefully, I'll be in another country by then."

    And even then, that's no guarantee of escape.

  3. "when push comes to shove the Tea Party loves entitlements"

    Agree completely. I said something similar some time ago...that sooner or later, a sacred cow that the Tea Party main body likes will be on the chopping block too.

    SS needs to go. But good luck not getting shocked to death by that third rail.

  4. Pretty much everything will be on the chopping block at some point. The problem is that the Tea Party wants to stick their heads in the sand and pretend that reality doesn't exist. This will eventually wind up killing them.