20 April 2011

Athol Kay Has a New Fan

I’ve been reading Athol Kay’s new book in order to finally get a review up on the blog.  I’m about halfway through it right now.  I meant to finish it tonight, but I couldn’t find the book when I got home.

Apparently my youngest brother (currently a freshman in high school) saw the book and, because it had the word “sex” right there in the title, picked it up to read.  As a testimonial to Athol, he immediately recognized that Athol Kay’s observations about the fair sex were spot on, and recognizes the inherent truth of Game.

Fortunately, my brother’s a natural alpha, so this book serves as icing on the cake.  He’s pretty engrossed in the book, and has apparently read about half of it in less than a day.  I believe that this book will serve as the perfect introduction to Game, and should help him refine his interactions with the girls at school.

Anyway, many thanks are due to Athol for providing a great introduction to Game.  Go out and buy his book (or Kindle version) now.  It has a ton of applications beyond marital relationships, as my brother can readily attest.

1 comment:

  1. Angry phone calls from parents in... 5... 4... 3...

    Actually if High School Freshmen can get my book down in a couple of sittings, I'm hopefully all set.

    Well... provided they have credit cards.