30 April 2011

What Good is Intelligence?

Bob Lefsetz, ladies and gentlemen:

Along with the rise in materialism in the eighties came a  denigration of education, of being smart, of critical analysis.  It’s cool to be dumb.  Just ask Snooki.  Or Sarah Palin, whose flock consists of idiots too stupid to realize the people they back are profiteers leaving them by the wayside.  But if you’re intelligent, if you’re educated, you can think about things, work them through your fingers and come to new, interesting conclusions.  You can debate economic policy instead of trying to prove Barack Obama was born in outer space.

I am not, of course, a fan of Sarah Palin, nor of Snooki, for that matter.  But I can’t honestly say that the country would be worse off with either of these two in office.  Obama is allegedly a genius.  And, in spite of his tendency to mispronounce common words, Bush was/is quite intelligent as well.  The same was asserted about Greenspan and is now being asserted about Bernanke.

The current mess is the result of geniuses being in charge.  Arguably, America can’t afford any more brilliant leaders, so why not give the morons a shot?  They may not fix the mess, but it’s hard to see how they would make it worse.  It takes a certain level of genius to make this big a mess, which neither Palin nor Snooki possess.  So, if nothing else, putting stupid people in charge would ensure that the problems facing the country wouldn’t multiply as quickly.  That’s worth something, right?