24 May 2011

Help Us All

This bodes well:

Conservative TV commentator Glenn Beck may still have a few months before he leaves his Fox News talk show, but he’s already prepping for his next venture: a daily deals website.
Mercury Radio Arts, the production company that Glenn Beck controls, has officially launched MarkDown.com. The site is almost identical to Groupon, LivingSocial and the thousands of other companies in the group buying space — it provides a daily deal if enough people purchase it within a specified time limit. Its first deal is $20 worth of chocolate from Chocolate.com for $10.

In the first place, let me just say that Beck is going to find that repeated deals from GoldLine are not going to cut it for potential site users.  If his television show is any indication, he’s going to have difficulty finding consistent offers from non-fringe high-quality businesses.  Political blandness is the name of the game for most businesses, and Beck’s niche is the exact opposite of that.

In the second place, it doesn’t seem likely that Beck can improve on the already hackneyed business model of Groupon et alia.  Groupon is boring and does not consistently attractive deals (to me, at least).  Does Beck think he can do better?  I doubt it.  And I also doubt that h can bring enough of a novelty fctor to the table to make this big.

Thus, I’m going to go out on a limb and predict that this venture fails.  Groupon for lunatic neo-cons just doesn’t sound like a particularly sustainable business venture.  I do have to hand it to Glenn, though:  at least he’s willing to take chances in the pursuit of profit.  He’s living out the American dream.

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