26 May 2011

In Condemnation of Idealism

I have no use for idealism, particularly of the utopic variety.  Perfection does not exist on earth.  It has not existed, save for a brief moment at the beginning of time.  It will not ever exist on earth ever again.  And people are fools for thinking that perfection is attainable.

Really, idealists are the worst type of idiots. Conservative idealists are idiots, liberal idealists are idiots, capitalist idealists are idiots, environmental idealists are idiots, and libertarian idealists are the worst idiots of them all.  Why?  Becuase idealists don’t know when to quit.

A system that works for 90% of the people 90% of the time is quite an accomplishment, and somewhat attainable.  But it’s not good enough for idealists, who insist on having a system that works for everyone all the time.

This, of course, requires endless tinkering and refining of the current system.  Idealists must create the perfect society, one that anticipates every single type of human action and responds accordingly.  Of course, it never occurs to them that the reason why the old adage “truth is stranger than fiction” exists is because human behavior is not limited by imagination.  There are no limits to the absurdity of human beings.

Thus, there are no laws that can perfectly and adequately contain the fringes of human behavior.  This is simply how things are, and how things have always been.

Additionally, idealists are afraid of failure.  It is simply unacceptable that someone somewhere may at some time be treated unfairly.  Unfairness is a sad and inevitable fact of life, and one that idealists find impossible to accept.

There is no way to right every single wrong, but that doesn’t stop idealists from trying.  That it is impossible to get two people to agree on what makes any given situation wrong and how to correct it should indicate that making everything right is impossible.  Yet idealists ignore this, often at their own peril.

I have no love or respect for idealists of any stripe.  They are impossibly naïve, and their end-goals are impossible to attain (and undesirable anyway).  Being idealistic should not be a badge of honor, but rather a sign of mental deficiency.


  1. It's pushing that one parameter that destroys the whole system.

    You are quite right, they are morons.

  2. Of course, this isn't to say that one shouldn't have ideals by which to be guided, but rather one should recognize that attaining the ideal is prohibitively costly.