03 June 2011

Good News from YouTube

YouTube is making it easier to navigate the world of IP:

If you’re in need of B-roll for your next YouTube opus, you’re in luck. YouTube is adding tons of Creative Commons content to its video editor. The new feature goes live today at noon ET.
YouTube’s editor tool, which launched last year, has been steadily adding features to make the process of creating videos fuller, says YouTube Product Manager Jason Toff.
You can access more than 10,000 videos (from C-SPAN, PublicResource.org, Voice of America, Al Jazeera and others) via the CC tab on the editor. You can also tag your own content as Creative Commons, so that other users can incorporate it into their videos.

Creative Commons licenses are the closest one can get to opting of the American IP system, and it’s nice to see that YouTube is making it easier for people to see what video clips are “free” and under what conditions.  I hope this fosters increased creativity, which should in turn provide real-world evidence that IP is intellectually stifling and counterproductive.

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