14 July 2011

An Asinine Question

Foseti shows the stupidity of open-border libertarians:

A chorus of beltway libertarians decries the fact that if we don’t have illegal immigrants, we won’t be able to pick our fruit. Who will save the fruit? Think of the fruit!

Who will pick fruit if the illegals won’t?  Probably legal citizens.  I know this is a surprise to some, but the market can still allocate scarce resources even in the event of governmental interference.

If all the illegal immigrants were kicked out of the country, farmers would hire legal citizens.  They would probably have to pay considerably more for the labor of legal citizens, but it can certainly be done.  That’s how the market works.  Libertarians of all people should know that.


  1. Ah, the jobs Americans can't and/or won't do, as the pro illegal forces say. The TRUTH is that Americans can't AFFORD to take those jobs! Illegals can, because they get all their health care, education, and everything else paid for; ergo, they can afford to take these jobs and what they pay...

  2. Your claim is wrong. Americans can easily work under the table while receiving government benefits, just like illegals. The reason why Americans aren't hired is because illegals are cheaper because their labor is more marginal than most American's.

  3. I've heard the "jobs Americans won't do" argument often. I've used it many times (during the dark ages). Ok, this is simple, but it makes sense.
    Poof 1! all the illegals are gone.
    Poof 2! all welfare stops.
    Poof 2 results in tax revenue remaining in the market (like that'd happen).
    Poof 1 results in unemployed now having jobs that pay a decent amount.
    If poof 2 happens first, or "when it happens...", unemployed people start clamoring for poof 1 so they have jobs.
    What say ye?

  4. The claim that there are jobs “Americans just won’t do” is somewhat correct, and somewhat misleading. Most people who make this argument often ignore the effects of not only welfare, but of minimum wage as well. Minimum wage imposes a price floor on wages, which leads to an increase in labor surplus (aka unemployment). American workers are literally prevented from competing with illegal aliens on price, and have a strong incentive to avoid work anyway because they can receive welfare and unemployment benefits.

    In essence, the government is subsidizing the labor of illegal aliens, and the result has been that American can’t or won’t take marginal jobs. However, arguing for cheap, illegal labor on the grounds that Americans won’t take certain jobs is like saying you shouldn’t sweep up broken glass because you’ve already broken the glass. The “jobs Americans won’t do” fails because it is predicated on a post hoc fallacy.