13 July 2011

Nothing to Fear

I’m sure that there are no worries about this if you’re a law-abiding citizen:

Microsoft has admitted that it will hand over data to the U.S. government, if properly requested, even if that data is stored somewhere other than the U.S.
The issue, according to ZDNet's Zack Whittaker, is that because Microsoft is a U.S. company it has to comply with the Patriot Act, and that means handing over data that may be offshore. The same rules would apply to Amazon Web Services and any other U.S. based cloud provider that has servers overseas.

Two things.

First, I wonder how much more paranoid people would be if they knew their data was potentially viewed by the government and not just advertisers and businesses.   If you can’t trust big business, then you certainly can’t trust the government.

Second, why is Microsoft being so wimpy about this?  The Patriot Act is a gross violation of civil liberties and Microsoft should protest it on behalf of its customers.   Of course, doing so would undoubtedly lead to greater government scrutiny, which is why Microsoft and other cowardly companies refuse to stand up to tyranny.

And people wonder why I avoid the cloud.

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