21 July 2011

Strange Bedfellows

You know, if I were an environmentalist I would embrace the TSA as a way to kill air travel.  The reason for this is because the TSA makes air travel more inconvenient and time-consuming, which would presumably drive down the demand for air travel.  This should have the effect of reducing the current number of flights, planes, and possibly airlines, which in turn means reducing emissions and demand for oil, which is supposedly good for the environment.

While most environmentalists are leftists, one would suspect that they would be opposed to having their precious rights being stepped upon.  Especially since, in this case, their rights are being trampled upon at the behest of an organization that is part of DHS, which was created by Bushitler in 2002.  On the other hand, the TSA targets middle-class people (the poor can’t afford planes at all and the rich use private jets and get to skip the TSA), so the environmentalists would get to vicariously thumb their noses at the bourgeoisie who don’t care about Mother Gaia.  Really, it’s quite a conundrum, which makes me glad that I don’t have to try and rationalize my way through it.


  1. The DHS was created on the insistence of Democrats, Bush resisted it.

  2. Let me guess: Bush resisted it by vetoing it and the Democrats overrode that veto. Some resistance.