08 July 2011

This is War

Well, this isn’t altogether unexpected:
Tomorrow night, Tuesday, June the 28, 2011 at 8:00 p.m. Central Standard Time, U.S., we will begin the next level of Fucking Their Shit Up.
Indeed, we will be announcing the details and discussing them at length that night on A Voice for Men Radio. It will be done in conjunction with our summer fundraiser.  No better time to ask for your financial support than when we can show you that your hard earned money is going to do real work on your behalf.
It turns out that this means starting a website dedicated to listing women who contribute to current social maladies.  Of course, the feminists have already done this sort of thing, so they have no room for complaint.  Fairness, love, war, and all that.

Anyway, the point I want to make is that the current gender just continues to heat up.  It’s sad that gender relations in America have devolved to this point, but I guess that’s what happens when feminists are given control of the country.  I guess that’s what happens when men abdicate their God-given role of leadership to shrieking harpies.  Really, this whole deal strikes me as a very as a very beta response to the current gender war.

In the first place, the founders of this site apparently have no concept of frame control.  Feminists have declared war, and many men have accepted this.  As alphas know all too well, no man should ever take women seriously, and they should certainly not buy into their frame.  When women declare war, alphas laugh.  Betas say “it’s on.”

In the second place, the site feels like a very womanly thing to do.  By this I mean that it seems like a childish and immature response to someone else’s petty drama.  Escalating pettiness is a hallmark of female behavior.  I’m not sure why some men feel compelled to engage in it.

In fairness, though, men must play the hand they’re dealt.  And men living in America today have been dealt a pretty horrible hand.  However, petty squabbling with irrational women feminists is not going to solve anything.  There is no convincing those who do not wish to be convinced.

The better way to handle feminists is to simply apply a fairly common principle of Game:  agree-and-amplify.  “Of course men are so horrible, honey; just look at how they make modern society possible, the pigs.”  Instead of fighting feminism, trivialize it.  Show it to be the absurdity it is.  Make it a punchline.  And maybe then men and women can stop making war and start making love.


  1. This is a foolish post. The reason for a concerted male response to feminism is that the feminised legal system is corrupt and oppressive to men. Feminism is absurd, to be sure, but the power given to women by feminised law is not.

    Alpha men can f*ck their way through life if they like but a feminised society is where civilised and higher-thinking men live and work. We need to protect ourselves and our sons from perverted ideologies that corrupt the system.

    Adam's failed to meet his responsibility in the Garden of Eden not because he ate the fruit but because he didn't plug the Eve-shaped conduit through which Satan found his way into the world. Sites like A Voice for Men are doing the very work 'alpha' men have sacrificed on Darwin's altar.

  2. "We need to protect ourselves and our sons from perverted ideologies that corrupt the system."

    I don't disagree with the assertion; I disagree with the methodology. Getting into a pissing contest with feminists is not a good way of ensuring victory. For one, it accepts the debate on their terms. It would be easier to discredit feminism by treating it like the absurd joke it is.

    "Sites like A Voice for Men are doing the very work 'alpha' men have sacrificed on Darwin's altar."

    Please explain. The common assertion is that the majority of men throughout history are/were beta. If this is the case, then betas are the ones who allowed feminism to to fruition, in that suffrage could only have occurred if a majority of men voted for it. Do you suppose that these men were mostly alpha or mostly beta? (If it helps, think of feminism as a giant societal fitness test. And then think about how men, in the aggregate, responded. And then think about how most men are beta. If anyone deserves blame for the current mess in America, it would be the short-sighted betas of the late 19th and early 20th century.)

    Again, I'm not saying that men shouldn't attack feminism at all, or that they simply be alpha. However, trying to rebut feminism on its terms has proven fruitless (in part because feminists refuse to be reasonable, rational, and logical). As such, it is simply better to mock feminism, especially since women are very sensitive to social pressure. If people treat feminism as a joke, those associated with it will eventually move on to different pursuits.

    For what it's worth, this fits in with the basic tenets of Game. I believe it roissy who has suggested that women do not want to be taken seriously by men. If this is the case (and my own experience gives me no reason to doubt it) then the solution to the problem of feminism is to simply stop taking feminists seriously.

  3. The sacrifice 'alpha' men have made is their responsibility for those who are less powerful, in favour of their own reward. It's basically an abdication of the rule of grace and a return to the law of the jungle.

    Your argument only addresses the surface issue. Superfically, it's easy to ignore feminists and right to do so. But scratch the surface and you realise it's not so easy to ignore a feminised judiciary and law enforcement branch. Men are not permitted to diminish feminism and be respected as citizens at the same time. Even men who just want a blessed life in the company of a loving woman must kowtow to feminism at some point or find their careers, marriages or families in danger. It's impossible to keep an 'alpha' frame when guns are pointed at you telling you to leave your house and your children are screaming "Daddy, we love you".

    It's the normal, civilised men that love their families but are demonised by the system whom the MRM seeks to influence. These are educated, intelligent, compassionate and responsible men who don't care to live their lives merely to satisfy the psychosexual needs of women.

    Some MRM sites do argue quite well with feminists but others, like AVfM, are there to provide armoured protection for those who have been seriously damaged and weakened by gynocentric legal system and the law. These men need support and a safe place in which to vent their anger. AVfM doesn't take feminism itself seriously but its corrosive and occasionally deadly consequences on the lives of men and boys.

    It's easy to criticise when your children, your house and your future haven't been taken away on the whim of a woman. Remember Thomas Ball, who gave his life for your children.

  4. My complaint is not with AVfM. My complaint is with register-her.com. I agree that the MRM has legitimate complaints, but getting into a pissing contest doesn't do anything to address those complaints. And, as you might have noticed in my original post, I did acknowledge that men have to play the hands they're dealt. And even though men currently have a crappy hand, there's no reason to play it foolishly.

  5. You refer to register-her.com as a "website dedicated to listing women who contribute to current social maladies".

    Social maladies? You call getting away with murder, false rape allegations, incitment to gender hatred and grievous bodily harm 'socal maladies'??

    Read some history, brother. This is exactly the sort of criminal injustice and judicial corruption that starts civil wars. Raising awareness of this level of corruption is not a pissing contest, not unless your piss is blood and the contest is a fight for your right to civil liberty. Justice IS the hand God has dealt to all men so its preservation is nothing short of a war against evil.

    Wake up, brother Simon. You have a gift that can help to secure a safe and just future for men. Use it to build up the efforts of your fellow soldiers, particularly those that fight for justice on your behalf. There is much, much more to the register-her initiative than might be apparent.