17 July 2011

Why I Hate Republicans

I’ve been trying to ignore this story for a while because contemplating it makes me indescribably angry, but I just need to get this off my chest: I hate republicans because they are complete idiots with nary a shred of knowledge.

I say this because they have decided to ask for future budget cuts in exchange for raising the debt ceiling. This despite some calling for (eventually) a balanced-budget amendment. I hate to break the news to these clowns, but if the government is legally prohibited from borrowing money, the budget is balanced by default from that point forward. The only way the government can borrow more money is if it pays off its debt. And debt can only be paid off with tax revenue, which means that part of the budget has to be cut in order to get money for cutting the debt in order for the government to borrow money so they can spend more money on…you get the idea.

Anyway, the point I’m driving at is that Republicans need to grow a pair. If they block an increase in the debt ceiling, they will effectively have a balanced budget amendment. Yet, it appears that they are either too stupid to realize this or they are too cowardly to act. Either way, I hate them and hope that such an ignorant, cowardly lot never gets elected again.

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