08 August 2011

The Innocence of Youth

Katie Kieffer, ladies and gentlemen:

I specifically love rich people who live in a capitalistic society like America. The richer they become, the richer, healthier and happier everyone else becomes. Unlike rich rulers in a monarchy or, worse yet, wealthy dictators, American capitalists are the average person’s best friend and entrepreneurial inspiration.
Wealthy Americans do not rule over other Americans. The Constitution does not grant them special privileges or royal titles. Unlike Queen Elizabeth II, who tried to tap into a fund for low-income families to heat Buckingham Palace, rich Americans don’t receive public funds to heat their mansions.

Young Katie hasn’t lived long enough to get over her love affair with capitalism, which has blinded her to Adam Smith’s observation that “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices…”  This should indicate to young Katie that businessmen are no more worthy of her respect, trust, or adoration than any politician.  Anyone who has even a precursory knowledge of lobbying firms in America understands that large and small corporations alike are more than interested in using the government to stifle competition, to defraud innocent citizens of their money via the process of corporate welfare, and to impose laws or fund organizations that encourage consumption of their product (think of the coincidental unity of the diets recommended by the FDA and Big Ag as an example).  Quite simply, many, if not most, rich people are quite happy to destroy the wealth of others in an attempt to accumulate wealth for themselves.  They are human, and have the same flaws and vices as everyone else.

Also, the claim that wealthy people do not rule over other Americans is quite ludicrous.  A brief glimpse at the personal wealth of senators and representatives should be enough to disabuse young Katie of this foolish notion.  And citing the constitution as proof of her claim is also stupid; the constitution may as well be toilet paper these days in light of how often it is ignored not only by elected officials but also by the idiots citizens who elect them.

By the way, Katie, rich Americans can receive public funds to heat their mansions.

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