15 August 2011

Random Thoughts

There’s been a couple of different things that I’ve felt like writing about, but every time I sit down to write a post I quickly realize that I don’t have much more than a paragraph’s worth of thoughts on the matter.  Anyway, here’s a roundup of some minor things that have caught my attention recently.


One of the things that is most striking about some environmentalists is how often they appeal to Science, as if it is the highest authority one could ever appeal to.  More intriguing is their assertion that the environment would thrive in the absence of humans (or, alternatively, with a considerably reduced human presence).  Have they never heard of the second law of thermodynamics?

The New Supercongress

Like most things the federal government does these days, the proposed supercongress will be both ineffective and unconstitutional.  Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

Iowa Straw Poll

Since Bachmann has run on a generally small government platform and Ron Paul has actually consistently defended small government principles, it would appear that the Iowa Straw Poll indicates, if nothing else, that the Republican base is simply tired of big government at this point in time.  What’s disappointing is how, in spite of a very close second-place showing, Ron Paul is getting minimal media attention.  He is a very strong candidate, but the MSM and Republican leadership seem intent on throwing him under the bus.  But I guess that’s not surprising since the one thing that the MSM and GOP leaders can agree on is that government should be bigger.

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