28 August 2011

The TSA: A Pervert’s Dream Job

Remember, the reason why TSA agents get to fondle pat down people is to keep us safe; it’s not because any of them are perverts:

A city officer arrested a Spring Creek man Wednesday morning at the Elko Area Regional Airport, where he works for the Transportation Security Administration, on a warrant charging six counts of lewdness with a child.

Well this is just lovely.  One of the people charged with keeping travellers safe appears to be a hands-on pedophile.

How has it not occurred to the brass at the TSA that maybe, just maybe, the jobs they offer are a pervert’s dream come true?  Did they not think that there are some people who would like to be paid to grope other people?  Yes, Virginia, there are some sick f**ks in this world, and at least one of them works for the TSA.

People in general don’t like being groped by other people.  They especially dislike it when the person groping them is a pervert.  You’d think the TSA would screen for this.  In fact, this incident begs a very important question:  given that the TSA has hired at least one pervert, how can travellers be sure that it hasn’t hired more than one pervert?  And how can travellers be sure that the person groping inspecting them as they go through security isn’t also a pervert?

There’s a reason the fourth amendment is in the constitution:  The founding fathers realized hundreds of years ago that the state and those in its employee had (and still have) a very strong tendency to abuse their power.  In this case, the government has given certain people the authority to grope citizens in the process of searching, without a warrant, those who simply wish to exercise their implicit right to travel.

Thus, here is yet another reason to abolish the TSA.  Not only is it unconstitutional and not only do its employees violate the constitution on a daily basis, but it also appears to be staffed with literal perverts.

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