11 September 2011

Quick Links: 9/11 Edition

LCC on why "they" hate us.  This is a rather sobering read, and should indicate just how perversely imperialistic American foreign policy has become.  America is not the world's policemen, Israel does not deserve special protection, and there is simply no reason for continued involvement in the governance of foreign countries, particularly Middle Eastern ones.

Karl Denninger reflects on 9/11.  This is perhaps the most thought-provoking piece I've read this weekend.  It is simply astonishing to see how much power the federal government has wrested for itself in the name of national security.  Even more astonishing is how unnecessary this power grab has been, at least in light of its purpose.  The only question that remains is:  how long will Americans tolerate the deprivation of their rights in light of its unnecessity?


  1. We are the World's policeman. We are an empire.

    We prevented a third general war in Europe by occupying Western Europe and by putting American generals in charge of European armies. They let us because the feared the Soviets. The only time they slipped the leash was Suez, and that sobered them up.

    We impose a peace in Eastern Asia.

    We control the Middle Eastern oil that fuels Europe and Japan, our main allies. Our own imports come from Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and Nigeria.

    We control the sea lanes that we and our allies depend upon.

    The Constitution is defunct. It was mortally wounded when Marshall abrogated the right to review the constitutionality of laws. There is no such power in the Constitution, and Common Law tradition prohibits the courts from reviewing acts of parliament.

    Lincoln by launching a war of questionable legality and by suppressing habeas corpus, freedom of speech and freedom of the press further injured the Constitution. After Wilson, Hoover and Roosevelt it no longer existed.

    To top it off, the Congress has ceded all its war-making powers to the Presidency and nearly all its law-making powers to the federal bureacracy.

    Constitutional government is a joke, a bad joke.

    The only question remaining is whether we will get our Caesar who will make the transition to dictatorship under the guise of constitutional government.

    Stop whining.

  2. @sykes- rights exist regardless of whether they are enshrined in law. I don't care how rights are restored, though I brook no objection to seeing the constitution restored.

    Also, being the world's police is quickly becoming prohibitively expensive. We're going to lose that position eventually, so we may as well quit while we're only somewhat behind.