06 October 2011

I Love My Carrier

Yesterday I spilled a cup of mocha on my cell phone.  I followed the standard advice for preventing the phone from dying in the event of a spill:  I pulled the battery out right away, took the phone apart and cleaned it with alcohol, dried it off with a hair-dryer and then placed it in a bowl of rice overnight to draw out any remaining moisture.  Unfortunately, this was not enough to save my phone, as it died during my first attempt to restart it, and refused to turn on at all after that.

This was quite disappointing since I loved my phone (it was a Samsung Intercept).  It was also the first smart phone I’ve ever owned.  Naturally, I was quite disappointed to lose it because I had grown quite used to using it.

So I called Virgin Mobile, my carrier, to see about buying a replacement.  I had failed to buy phone insurance, and I wasn’t quite sure if my phone was still under warranty.  It took me ten minutes to order a new replacement, which didn’t cost a cent because the phone warranty apparently covers accidental spills.  I get to keep my number (something that worried me because I was/am on a pre-pay plan), and I don’t have to worry about service discontinuity.  Also, I still remain locked into my current plan rate, which is $25 per month for unlimited data, email, and texting, plus 300 minutes per month.

So, if you’re in the market for a new phone (even a smart phone), I would highly recommend looking at what Virgin Mobile has to offer.  They are on Sprint’s 3G network, which has decent coverage (I haven’t had any coverage issues in the six months I’ve had my phone).  Their plan options are very affordable, and they have great customer service.  If you’re not happy with your current provider, I recommend trying Virgin Mobile.  I’ve been quite happy with them.

UPDATE:  About five hours after I called Virgin Mobile I received an email notification saying that my replacement phone had just shipped. I noticed that it was shipped vi FedEx's expedited overnight service.

UPDATE #2:  Roughly twenty-six hours after I first called Virgin Mobile about my problem, I received my new phone.  Setup was a snap:  just a twelve minute phone call to Virgin's help center, plus some minor programming on my end.  I was disappointed that my apps and settings were gone, but I did save all my contacts on the cloud (technically my Google account), and all my media was on my SDHC card, so I didn't really lose that much at all.  Again, I'm really happy with Virgin Mobile right now; they have impeccable customer service to back up their amazingly affordable plans.

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