15 November 2011


Ferdinand decided to attend an OWS event in Syracuse, leading to a very excellent piece that has lots of great insight.  For this post, I’m going to focus on his observation regarding the OWSer generation:

This is why #OccupyWallStreet is necessary – it’s the first major backlash against every scam the Gray Mafia have pulled in the past fifty years. An inarticulate and idiotic backlash, but a backlash nonetheless. It’s the Baby Boomers’ chickens come home to roost. After lying, cheating and stealing their way through life, they thought they could sit back and expect their children to selflessly sacrifice for them like nothing had changed. It doesn’t work that way, gramps. Bad faith begets bad faith, and people who’ve been wronged have long memories. [Emphasis added.]

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories, but it is interesting to observe how ill-equipped the OWSer generation is to overthrow the Boomers.  Frankly, most of the people in my generation are idiots, mostly incapable of prolonged rational abstract thought.  The socialist tendency of OWS emphasizes how ill-equipped my generation is for fixing the mess our parents and grandparents left for us.

What’s ironic is that socialism is now inevitable in the United States.  And not the fun social safety net bullshit of the past fifty years, either. The socialism that’s to come will be of the concentration camp variety.  But, and here’s what is especially diabolical of the Boomers, the iron-fist socialism that’s to come will not arrive until the boomer generation is safely in the grave.

Fifty years from now, when historians sit down to write the decline and fall of America, they will marvel at how brilliantly the Boomer generation played America.  When they were young, they smoked pot, dodged the draft, and went to college on the cheap.  They fought for social justice and equality, sowing the seeds of cultural dissension, via minority group rights activism.  When they got older, they banned pot and other drugs, kept the selective service in place, and implemented policies that jacked the cost of college through the roof.  They protested the mega-corporations during the sixties and seventies, and then bought those same organizations in the eighties.  They protested government corruption when they were twenty, and then turned around and corrupted the government in ways that few can fathom, even in this day and age, when they turned forty.  Everything they condemned in their youth, they now do on scale that would turn the collective stomachs of the generations before them.  The Boomers avoided responsibility in their youth, and are looking to do the same in their old age.

To that end, the Boomers set up social safety nets that wouldn’t go bankrupt until they were in the grave.  They consolidated their political power to ensure that the government would steal from future generations until the last of the Boomers could enjoy the final sleep.  And, by dismantling education, they ensured that their children and grandchildren wouldn’t realize what was happening until it was too late.  And when they eventually woke up to the fraud being perpetuated by the Boomers, they wouldn’t know how to address it.

Now, I’m not suggesting that a bunch of boomers sat down one day and discussed the best way to keep future generations ignorant of their evil plans. From what I’ve observed, the dumbing down of education is mostly a result of the self-esteem movement which, by pure coincidence, was started by the Boomers.  Therefore, I think the most likely explanation for this is that evil thinking begets evil thinking.

The boomers rebelled against all sorts of traditions, and the traditions present in education and child-rearing were no exception.  Instead of encouraging self-esteem the old way (only praising children when they met some high standards, e.g.), they dumbed down the standards for praise.  Instead of trophies for winners, they offered trophies for participants.  Instead of rewards for A’s, they handed out rewards for attendance or not dropping out.  They celebrated the mundane, making normal the exception and substandard the norm.  This wasn’t a hidden conspiracy, accomplished by back-room wheeling and dealing, this was the natural by-product of their thinking.  Boomers have always been narcissistic and self-centered, and they want their children and grandchildren share in this vice.  Sadly, they do.

The children and grandchildren of Boomers are the messiahs they’ve been waiting for.  They’re exceptional and brilliant, and every other positive superlative you can toss their way.  The problem is, some of them still need to consult a diagram when tying their shoes.  The praise and adulation heaped upon the current generation by the Boomers, coupled with dumbed-down standards to ensure that rhetoric matched nominal reality, has ensured the current generation is unable to clean up the mess caused by the Boomers.  Don’t expect the Boomers to complain, though.  Why?  Because cleaning up the mess caused by the Boomers almost certainly requires the elimination of the world’s most selfish generation:  The Boomer Generation.

The dual purpose of the Boomers’ existence has been self-preservation and self-enrichment.  Everything they’ve done fits one of those two goals.  They don’t care about a legacy, else they would have raised their children instead of shipping them off to daycares and prisons schools indoctrination camps.  They don’t care what happens to their children; many don’t plan on leaving an inheritance, physical, spiritual, or otherwise.  They simply want to take as much of this world’s wealth and lavish it on themselves.  They desire opulence on a grand scale, and they don’t care who they destroy to get.  They’ll sell their grandchildren, if necessary.  Actually, they already have.

And so, here is the legacy of the Boomers:  They have gained the whole world but lost their soul.  They have it all, and have mortgaged everything to get it.  They will leave this world in tatters and their children with nothing.

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