23 November 2011

The Case for Homeschooling

For one, homeschooling has far fewer pedophiles in administrative positions:

A former elementary school principal in Iowa was sentenced to 30 years in prison Monday after pleading guilty to one count of producing child pornography involving students at his school, officials said.
Robert Burke, 43, admitted that as head of the school in Dubuque, Iowa, he had "used hidden cameras in the school bathroom to secretly capture videos depicting the genitals of male students," said the US Justice Department
Burke also admitted to saving the videos on computer hard drives at his home.
He was uncovered after an FBI agent in Washington downloaded eight images of child pornography that were traced back to Burke's residence, officials said in a statement.
Burke insisted he "not touched any children in a sexual manner," and US officials said they had no evidence that contradicted that claim.

The modern education system is a joke.  It’s simply a way to turn children into mindless robots, unquestioningly supportive of the state.  Kids can barely read, can’t write, and can’t do math.  They’ve simply been fed myths their entire lives.

Furthermore, there are some seriously messed-up individuals in charge of them.  While Robert Burke isn’t quite in the same league as Gary Sandusky, he’s not too far from it either.  And, if Vox is to be believed, Burke isn’t even the worst public schools have to offer.

I think that it’s safe to say that your children will be both smarter and safer at home.


  1. "your children will be both smarter and safer at home."

    The veracity of this assertion is readily obvious to anyone who bothers to verify it. What gets me is the tenacity of the social norm that says that children should go to school for the "socialization"...it's as if they are willingly not paying attention.

    Also, I got a small chuckle at the "less pedophiles in the school administration quip".

  2. Socialization is the bullshit answer that people who internally feel guilty that they're not willing to make the economic and status sacrifices to homeschool or private school their children give. They might have to keep their cars for 10 years after buying them 2-3 years old. They might have to live within their means and forego granite countertops. But they can't admit that so they come up with a ridiculous reason like socialization.

    Socializers...riddle me this:
    Who has more children, homeschooled white kids or public schooled white kids
    Who commits more crime, homeschooled white kids or public schooled white kids?
    Who bothers to vote and participate in civic life?

    All of these are actually quantifiable metrics of 'socialization', and the precious public schooled kids don't do at all well on them.

  3. @EW and Jehu- the weird thing about the 'socialization' argument is that it assumes that being able to socialize properly is primarily contingent on being around other people instead of being expected to conform to social norms (i.e. have manners). Many people have remarked upon how well-adjusted socially my siblings and I are "for being homeschooled." This is merely the result of our parents expecting us to be well-behaved and exercise proper manners. One need not spend one's childhood around ill-behaved brats to become socialized; one needs only loving parents who are willing to discipline their children into becoming socially well-adjusted.