23 November 2011

Pizza and Gay Marriage

I believe this story should adequately demonstrate why I don’t care about gay marriage as a political issue:

In case you were wondering where all of the healthy vegetables were on your child’s lunch menu at school, they’re in the pizza they’ve been eating everyday. Congress recently declared that Pizza constitutes a vegetable requirement even though it only contains an average of two tablespoons of tomato sauce.

Anyone with a functioning brain knows that pizza is most definitely not a vegetable.  The government can proclaim it as such.  The USDA can classify it as such.  But the simple fact remains that pizza is not a vegetable, as much as bureaucrats in Washington may desire it to be so.

In the same manner, two men can never be married, no matter how much the government (or any one person) may wish for them to be.  Two women cannot be married, even if the government prints a piece of paper saying they are.  All the government proclamations, laws, regulations, classifications, and legislation in the world cannot and will not change the very simple fact that two people of the same sex cannot ever be married to one another.

Government fiat is incapable of making pizza a vegetable and it is also wholly incapable of joining two people of the same sex in marriage, which is why I don’t get bent out of shape about the matter.  Quire simply, government words cannot change reality.


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  2. Correct Simon. A civil union is not a marriage.

  3. @SP- And since it is simply a civil union, Christians need not pay attention to it.