12 December 2011

And Now Ends the Clown Parade

Business mogul Donald Trump said Friday he might scrub a presidential debate that so far has drawn only Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.
Trump, the reality television star who has not ruled out an independent White House bid, had hoped for all of the Republican candidates to join in a debate he would moderate Dec. 27 in Iowa. Most have decided not to, leaving only Gingrich, a former House speaker, and Santorum, a former Pennsylvania senator.
“I have to look into it,” Trump told Fox Business Network when asked whether he would host a two-candidate debate.

I suppose a lot is owed to Ron Paul for having the stones to basically call Trump a clown when declining the debate offer.  It likely made it a lot easier for others to follow suit.

Anyhow, it was always kind of absurd for Republican candidates to submit themselves to questioning by Donald Trump, whose probably best known for being a jackass with a reality show.  It’s equivalent to participating in a debate hosted by Snooki.  Actually, Snooki would probably more dignified (at least in terms of hair style).

And what was Donald going to do anyway?  Tell candidates they were fired if he didn’t agree with any of their answers?  Did anyone think that he was going to ask insightful, hard-hitting questions?  Of course not; The Donald is all about self-aggrandizement, and the debate, like everything else Donald has done, would have been for that purpose.

As such, it’s quite a relief to see that the clown show that the Donald Trump presidential debate would undoubtedly be is apparently going to be cancelled.  It’s a pity that all the other Republican debates are still full steam ahead.

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