28 December 2011

Cameron Finds Jesus

Mr Cameron declared Britain ‘a Christian country’ and said politicians and churchmen should not be afraid to say so.
He warned that a failure to ‘stand up and defend’ the values and morals taught by the Bible helped spark the riots and fuelled terrorism.
At Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford, where Dr Williams used to teach, Mr Cameron said the time has come for public figures to teach ‘right from wrong’, and questioned whether the Church of England has done enough to defend those values in the face of the ‘moral neutrality’ that pervades modern life.
Attempting to discern the cause of social decline is a chicken-or-egg sort of deal wherein one can only offer opinion, theory, and anecdotal evidence.  That aside, we here at Le Cygne Gris are happy to offer our opinion on the cause of social decline and the theory behind it, and we are inclined to agree with PM Cameron:  Britain’s decline can be traced to its descent into post-Christian secularism.

Britain became powerful and wealthy when its citizens tended to conduct themselves by the Christian code of ethics.  It was, unsurprisingly, Christianity that provided the basis for many of the great accomplishments in Britain and its sphere of influence.  The British legal code based on natural law is an inherently Christian ethic (simply read volume 1 of Blackstone’s commentaries), and therefore the resulting legal codes that arose from it, including the constitution of the United States, can trace its roots to the Judeo-Christian ethic.

What’s especially interesting is noting how spiritual and religious decline in Britain corresponds to a decline in liberty. It appears that rejecting the notion that all men are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights leads some to conclude that not all men need to be treated equally under the law, nor do all men need to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, nor do their rights and freedoms actually need protection.

At any rate, the solution to the current problem of civil unrest and government totalitarianism could likely be cured by a spiritual revival.  Britain should go back to serving God and living by Christian morals.  The nihilistic hedonism of the post-Christian world has not been kind to Britain.  Many young people live aimless lives, leading them to riot senselessly, participate in a hook up culture, and generally waste their lives.  The lack of Christian ethics among the elites hasn’t been better, for it has led to a policy where all cultures are accepted, even if some cultures seem to be quite criminally inclined.  The failure to normalize foreigners and lower-class citizens alike to a Judeo-Christian culture has led to an incredibly rotten culture (described in sickening detail by Theodore Dalrymple, among others).

Of course, there is no way to determine causality, since cultural decline is often a self-reinforcing feedback loop, wherein moral decay within the family structure encourages moral decay within the political system.  Corruption occurs simultaneously at the base and at the head until the rot spreads inseparably throughout.  There are many top-down policies deserving of criticism, of course, but many of these top-down policies are encouraged and support bottom-up behaviors.  In short, the cause is hard to discern, but reasonable cases can be made for both bottom-up causes of corruption and for top-down causes of corruption.  The most likely explanation is that the two occur nearly simultaneously, and that unraveling one will unravel the other.

That said, the bottom-up approach of religious restoration is still worth undertaking, if for no other reason than it provides a way to acclimate people to possible top-down solutions to be enacted later on.  In essence, the bottom-up approach is a way for individuals to begin a positive self-reinforcing feedback loop.  Plus, what do the British have to lose by trying this?

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