28 December 2011

Evidence for Preselection Bias

In my most popular post of all time, I theorized that:

This, then, is how the perfect storm is created.  Average-looking girls have lower standards for men, and are more willing to seek attention from men.  The men, mostly betas, disqualify themselves from being with the attractive girl and focus their attention of the average-looking girl, who is all too happy to eat it up.  The attractive girl is left out because she doesn’t want attention from betas, and because betas are too intimidated by her.

Guys think that pretty girls get hit on a lot, but I can say I never got hit on that much. I don’t know if guys were intimidated or shy or what. I’m a pretty forward girl, though. If I see someone who I want to talk to, I make the first move. [Emphasis added.]

As such, I’ll reiterate what I said in my original post:

There are two conclusions to be drawn from this.  First, average-looking women are likely predisposed to attention-seeking, making them difficult targets.  Second, the only game you really need with attractive girls is the testicular fortitude to say hello coupled with the ability to carry a conversation.
Go forth with confidence.  Ignore the plain, seek the beautiful.  And don’t be surprised when you get it.  After all, you deserve it.


  1. There is another explanation. Really attractive women have been getting hit on since they hit puberty. They are used to it and reflexively send out "not interested" vibes to the men around them. Lower status men don't bother to ask because they can see by the way she looks at them that they don't even exist in her world.

  2. @Prof. Hale- I'd be inclined to agree with this. However, many men are incapable of reading signals from women, and so the vibes sent off by hot women are likely to be unintentionally ignored. That's why I think my scenario is more likely, for the men who aren't good with women generally disqualify themselves from the attractive women.

  3. "Go forth with confidence. Ignore the plain, seek the beautiful. And don’t be surprised when you get it. After all, you deserve it."

    Well said.