21 December 2011

Feminists and Their God

Alpha has a theory:

Why are western women so against femininity?
I’ve come up with an idea
Mind you, its just an idea and its one that I’m pretty sure some of you wont like.
The Absence of God.
Now lets get into this for a minute.  God, in this case, doesn’t have to be an actual God – if you don’t believe in God, instead replace God with “objective standard” as it will work the same for my purposes.  You see, through out all of human history, men and women have had an objective standard of their worth.

Alpha is only half-right. He’s correct in noting that some women—feminists—have forsaken God.  But they aren’t atheists.  They have actually forsaken God for another god:  the ever-elusive alpha male.

It is, for me, a truism to state that one’s doctrine—the religious rules governing one’s life—is derived from one’s theology—one’s conception and understanding of God.  For Christians, the proof text for this truism is Ephesians 5:1, wherein Paul states that Christians are to be imitators of God as dear children.  The metaphor is clear:  as earthly children mimic their earthly parents, so then do spiritual children mimic their spiritual father.  IN essence, one’s daily behavior is the result of what one knows and understands about God.

Bringing this back to the discussion at than—the theology of feminists—it becomes immediately clear that feminists worship alpha males.  How else to explain feminists’ behavior?

Feminists are decidedly masculine, and often pursue highly masculine careers.  They go into law and politics (or, worse yet, political activism).  They act boorish and rude, self-absorbed and crude—just like the alpha males they desire.  In essence, every behavior of the typical feminist is either in mimicry of alpha males or a projected mimicry of alpha males, with the obvious exceptions of certain biologically-driven behaviors.

Although they are loath to admit it, feminists strongly desire alpha males.  They often aren’t pretty enough to merit the (lasting) attentions of one and so they compensate by acting like the men they desire.  They even judge their worth by comparing themselves to alpha males.  Look at all the key talking points of feminists:  they often compare female accomplishment to male accomplishment, as if it is innately desirable for women to be CEOs, star athletes, or famous scholars.  They completely buy in to the paradigm of male accomplishment, as if the only things in life worth accomplishing are the things done by men.

As should be clear, the alpha male is the god of the feminists.  Quite simply, they want alpha males so badly that if they can’t have one, they will instead become one.

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