20 December 2011

I Want to Puke

Reading this:
The other day, dining out with my wife, I was surprised when the server set the bill down in front of me, instead of my wife across the table. In fact, I was every bit as surprised as, say, a 1950s’ housewife would have been to have a restaurant check presented to her instead of to her husband.
Just for a moment, my world had turned upside down.
So firmly entrenched is our matrimonial role reversal as we go about our activities that most restaurant servers and hotel clerks and salespeople automatically gravitate to my wife and give her all the appropriate attention and deference. When we walk in to a store, or sit down at a table, it’s like I don’t exist. They always address their questions to her, as they should. I assist them in their perceptions of power, I’m sure, by default. I emit absolutely no pay-attention-to-me, head-of-household, decision-maker vibes. This is not by design, but by long practice. It simply never occurs to me. I don’t look up expectantly at approaching waiters or waitresses. If they look at me or address me, I’m not impolite, but rather than respond directly, I defer to her. Without thinking. It is almost automatic that I look at my wife when a question is asked of me.
Occasionally, if I’m feeling frisky, I may answer, proudly and cheerfully, “My wife makes the decisions.” [Emphasis added.]
By the way, this comes from a blog called Worshipping Your Wife that is run by a man male apparent lesbian named Mark Remond.

This sort of herbitude leaves me speechless.  I have no clue where to start with this, other than to curse Chuck for even bringing this blog to my attention.  There are so many things wrong with not only this post, but with the entire blog.  All I can really say is that this guy must be a total loser, his wife must be a total uglo, and they have to be either really miserable or incredibly delusional.  I’ll conclude with another sickening excerpt:
And what could be more natural in a courtship marriage than hubby playing the part of perpetual suitor and kneeling to profess his devotion? And, yes, by “perpetual” I mean doing this every day.
Yes, there are other good reasons to bend the knee to one’s beloved. For a pedicure, or as part of a weekly evaluation session by the wife. Or as preliminary to receiving correction from the wife. (While some of these may appear offbeat, they are all, to my way of thinking, essentially romantic rituals, opportunities for renewed intimacy between wife and man.)
But more frequently than any of these, I think this ritual obeisance is part of what I like to call a husband’s daily devotions. It’s obviously a supplicant, prayerful posture, and prayers may indeed be spoken—to God, or the Goddess, or to a deity seen as incarnate in the beloved wife. Prayer and worship are inherent in a husband’s daily devotions to his wife, though not, I insist, in an idolatrous way, all appearances to the contrary. [Emphasis added.]
The mind boggles.


  1. It's offensive in every possible way. There's nothing more he can say that could make him any less of a man. Really, even him saying he's a woman wouldn't do it.

  2. I just cannot fathom how anyone would ever want to live like this.