28 December 2011

If At First You Can’t Succeed…

Of all the arguments for giving amnesty to illegal immigrants, the most foolish is the argument that we can't find and expel all of them. There is not a law on the books that someone has not violated, including laws against murder, and we certainly have not found and prosecuted all the violators -- whether murderers or traffic law violators. But do we then legalize all the illegalities we haven't been able to detect and prosecute?

The logic of the argument that the inability to prosecute all potential offenders should preclude a law’s existence leads to the conclusion that no law should ever exist.  After all, if we cannot prosecute every murderer, why bother prosecuting any of them?  If we can’t prosecute all thieves, why prosecute any of them?  That this is even an argument for amnesty simply demonstrates how shallow and foolish the supporters of this political movement really are.

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