30 December 2011

The Media Is Blacklisting Ron Paul

This is no surprise, of course, for the media hates Ron Paul.  What’s intriguing is that claim of Ron Paul being a fringe candidate is simply a lie:

In summary, the mainstream media attempts to show Ron Paul as a fringe candidate to discourage undecided voters from aligning themselves with him. Don’t be fooled, and don’t be fooled by the "Ron Paul can’t win" canard. The real world statistics and indicators show that the mainstream media has and is consistently underestimating the strength, depth, and breadth of Ron Paul’s support.

The post linked above is most certainly worth an in-depth read, for it is—to my knowledge—the most in-depth examination of Ron Paul’s popularity using objective metrics.  It appears that Ron Paul’s popularity has not only been underreported, but it has been underreported to a nearly criminal degree.  As the statistical analysis shows, Ron Paul is a remarkably popular candidate.  Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or ignorant.


  1. He's just not in the club and worse, his policies would totally disrupt what the high and mighty have worked so long and hard to establish. If he wins ... or THEY even think he has a shot of winning ... i predict an "accident."

  2. @Rumour- and "accident" wouldn't surprise me, but character assassination seems more likely. And more effective, since this effectively eliminates the martyr frame.