15 December 2011

One Simple Question

Republican Rep. Paul Ryan plans to unveil a new Medicare proposal Thursday that would give future seniors the choice of purchasing private insurance coverage or staying in the traditional federal plan.

Where in the constitution does one find the authority for this plan?

The reason why I say that there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats is once again highlighted by this story.  No politician* from either party takes their oath of office seriously.  They swear, per Article 6, to uphold the constitution.  Yet time and again they fail to keep their oath of office.

The only difference, then, between Republicans and Democrats is that of degree.  One party wants to blatantly violate the constitution whereas the other party only wants to violate it somewhat blatantly.  Trying to say one party is better than the other is like saying one thief is better than another thief because the former only steals $10,000 and the latter steals $11,000.  Like the thieves, both parties are simply evil; one is simply better at it than the other.

Also, that Ryan’s plan is “more affordable” than the alternative doesn’t make it “more” constitutional.  The constitutionality of something is binary.  Either legislation is constitutional or it isn’t.  And Ryan’s plan isn’t.

* Ron Paul excepted, of course.

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