27 December 2011

This Won’t Be A Problem

From an article titled “The Best Jobs for Women in 2012:”

At No. 1, post-secondary teachers top the list. Not only do women report very high satisfaction rates in the job, median annual earnings range from $59,000 (for foreign language and literature teachers) to $94,000 (for law teachers), well above the average household income in the U.S. Furthermore, the field is expected to grow by 15% and features an average of 55,000 openings each year.

One thing that’s especially intriguing about feminism is its unsustainability, which is seen in every aspect of its reach.  The relatively recent MRA movement is indicative of its political unsustainability and the generally negative crime and social statistics of single motherhood (and absentee motherhood) are indicative of its social unsustainability.*  And now this story provides proof of its economic unsustainability.

As has been well-documented, there is a bubble in higher education, wherein government subsidy encourages many people to go to college and earn degrees that offer a decreasing rate of return on investment.  This has a secondary effect of increasing the demand for collegiate services, like an increased number of educational facilities, the relevant support staff, and, of course, more professors.

The problem with this model is that it is fundamentally unsound.  Direct and subsequent demand for post-secondary educational services has been grossly inflated, and cannot continue forever, primarily for two reasons.

First, maintaining demand costs money.  Subsidies don’t come from nowhere; they must be provided somehow.  This costs money, which the federal government is quickly starting to run short on.

Second, the value of a college education is declining, at least in terms of income.  A college degree is now less of a guarantee of getting a job, and guarantees less pay for the jobs one does eventually get.

The popping of this bubble, then, is a mathematical certainty.  And when this happens, that “best job for women” will disappear in a hurry.  Those women who decided to place their faith in maintaining a career in a bubble-fueled field will eventually wake up to the fact that this was nothing more than a mirage.  And then where will they find themselves?

* And the relatively recent decline in Western Christendom speaks to feminism’s spiritual unsustainability.


  1. women who decided to place their faith in maintaining a career in a bubble-fueled field will eventually wake up to the fact that this was nothing more than a mirage. And then where will they find themselves?

    well, for a while they'll continue to find themselves at the top -- as long as their governments have men to blame and scapegoat, and as long as women aren't suffering the extremely negative conseqences of their matriarchies

    eventually, as you say, the self-delustion of AA and fempowerment and fake femucation and Greatest Jobs For Women will run out of male scapegoats and resources (economic and otherwise) and then everybody will be fucked

    and that's Equality! lol

  2. @ray- as you say, that's equality. We'll all be poor once this edifice collapses, but at least we'll all be equally poor. And then the feminists will have nothing left to complain about!