10 January 2012

Get a Clue

A woman (I’m leaving her name out on purpose) was recently pulled over for “speeding” by Chicago cop, Chris Collins. The cop issued her a piece of payin’ paper, but apparently that was merely foreplay. Collins later did a search for the woman’s home address in the state motor vehicle database, then went to her home and left a note on her car asking her out on a date.

The note itself is pretty cringeworthy (excerpts at the link), but what’s interesting is that this guy doesn’t somehow ever stop to consider that maybe a woman won’t be as inclined to go on a date with him when her only emotional experience with him is purely negative.  Not to mention the fact that it’s pretty creepy to look up someone’s personal data so you can go to their home ad leave them a note.  Also, it’s weird how he neglects to consider how this behavior could be construed as basically solicitation.

The main thing to take away from, this, then, is that cops tend to be a socially clueless bunch.  Of course, when you have a government-issued gun and a get out jail free card badge, why would you need to ever bother with social niceties?

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