04 January 2012

The Iowa Caucus

It’s official—75% of Iowans hate Mitt Romney.  Romney won the Iowa caucaus with 24.5% of the vote and a very slight (eight vote) edge over Santorum.  Ron Paul was third with 21% of the vote.  Thankfully Gingrich, the other Rick, and Bachmann all lost rather soundly.  Huntsman got a hilarious 1% of the vote, so hopefully he’ll drop out.

Santorum’s virtual tie for first is disappointing, for he is simply more of the same.  He claims to be a compassionate conservative, which really means that he’s a pro-war, big government bankster, just like Bushitler and Chairman Obamao.  At least he doesn’t have greasy hair like Romney or a hickish Texan accent like Perry.  If only their policies differed as much.

While it is disappointing to see Ron Paul lose in Iowa—and likely be precluded from the GOP nomination—this result won’t be without comedy value, seeing as how neo-con pundits will likely declare how important Iowa is now, given Romtorum’s victory.  It’ll be fun to watch the pundits rationalize the importance of Iowa now that Ron Paul actually lost.

Also, given the unlikelihood that Ron Paul will win the nomination, it seems probable that he would run as a third party, killing the GOP’s chance at winning the presidential election, which means that the inevitable economic collapse can be blamed on Obama.  It’ll be nice to see unabashed leftism get blamed for its problems for once.

Anyhow, this whole ordeal just goes to show that people get the leaders they deserve.  If Iowans (or Americans, for that matter) are too stupid to recognize the problems facing the United States and vote for the candidate that is most likely to fix them correctly, then they will undoubtedly get what they deserve.


  1. It’ll be nice to see unabashed leftism get blamed for its problems for once

    It'll never happen.
    1. The national lapdog media hass always been in the tank for Obama and the progressive agenda. There is no way they will hold him accountable for anything.
    2. Obama's built-in excuse: It would have ben much worse if i hadn't been in charge.
    3. Obama's built-in excuse: those durned Republicans obsructed everything I wanted to do to fix things.

    He will go down in History as the greatest president ever.

  2. " neo-con pundits will likely declare how important Iowa is now,"

    Yeah, you noticed that too.

    A 3d party run by RP or no, I suspect the GOP is not going to unhorse Mr. Obama.

  3. @Prof. Hale- The more I think about it, the more inclined I am to believe that Obamao will largely be forgotten. Those who preside over an empire during its decline are generally forgotten unless they are simply terrible. The greatest president will likely be Kennedy, Reagan, or Clinton, since they were all fairly well lauded and presided over an empire at its peak.

    @EW- At least the mental contortions are entertaining. It's a great way to see the rationalization hamster in action.

  4. The Ivory Tower will find a way to burnish the legacy of the first ebony President so that future generations won't have cause to wonder if it was just him or is that the best we can expect from electing black people.

  5. @Prof. Hale- I've no doubt they'll try their best. Of course, if racism is as intractable as they claim, they should expect to fail.