21 January 2012

It’s Hamster Time!

Regarding the previous post, here’s a student’s response to the University of California’s tuition proposal:

"I'm against it," said Jessica Greenstreet, a politics and theater major at UC Santa Cruz who was not at the meeting. "Public education is a public good, and should be paid for by the public, through taxes."

I see.  And are you going to donate all of your future income to “the public” as well?  Or would you prefer for the benefits of your publicly-funded education to be enjoyed privately by you?

Oh, and here’s the money shot:

In fact, Greenstreet's tuition is paid for through the GI Bill because her father was a Marine.


  1. I missed that deal my 6 months. I would very much have liked the GI bill to pay my daughter's tuition. But instead it will be a privately funded private good.

    Besides, where would theater majors come from if there weren't colleges willing to teach it? Can you imagine ANY famous actors/actresses/move producers/directors/stage managers who don't have that valuable degree?

  2. @Prof. Hale- pretty much all the famous older actors were theater majors. For example, both Grant and Jimmy Stewart had doctorates in theater, and many other famous actors and actresses got at least a masters'.