15 January 2012

Let Them Do It

Administration officials and Iran analysts said they continued to believe that Iran’s threats to close the strait, coming amid deep frictions over Iran’s nuclear program and possible sanctions, were bluster and an attempt to drive up the price of oil. Blocking the route for the vast majority of Iran’s petroleum exports — and for its food and consumer imports — would amount to economic suicide.
“They would basically be taking a vow of poverty with themselves,” said Dennis B. Ross, who until last month was one of President Obama’s most influential advisers on Iran. “I don’t think they’re in such a mood of self sacrifice.”

Ignoring the united states’ federal government’s generally antagonistic policies, and ignoring the current presidential candidates’ hawkish bluster, Iran’s current attempt at playing hardball is nothing to worry about.  Iran is basically threatening to commit suicide.

The proper response to this should be to sit back and watch them do it.  Either the threat has teeth or it doesn’t.  If it does, there’s no need to go to war because Iran will basically be killing itself, so the united states’ efforts will be redundant.  If Iran’s threat doesn’t have teeth, then the united states’ intervention will be either pointless or counterproductive.

So, if Iran is threatening to commit economic suicide, I say let them do it.  After all, what are we going to do about it?  Go to war for oil?

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