19 January 2012

Our Brave Federal Agents

A half dozen FBI agents in dark coats met a little after 5:30 a.m. at a Starbucks coffee shop across from Mr. Chiasson's apartment building. They talked quietly near a wall of windows. "There is a service exit," one agent said of Mr. Chiasson's building. Minutes later, they walked silently out of the shop.
About a block away, the agents put on bullet-proof vests and, just before 6 a.m., walked swiftly back down the street to the glass double doors of Mr. Chiasson's building. They entered and talked with a security guard before entering an elevator, turning back to face the lobby and heading upstairs. A few minutes later, the agents left the building, and drove off.

Here’s the upshot:  they were supposed to be arresting a man accused of insider trading.

Now, I have no idea why law enforcement agencies feel inferior to the military.  Law enforcement and war are (supposed to be) two entirely different things.  Comparing an FBI agent to a Marine is like comparing proverbial apples oranges.  They have two different roles, and two different set of expectations.  As such, there is no reason for an FBI agent, or any other member of any other law enforcement agency to feel inferior to a member of the USAF for the very good reason that the two simply are not comparable.

Thus, there is no reason for anyone in law enforcement to be wearing any type of battle gear in this scenario.  They are supposed to arrest a decidedly non-threatening man for a financial crime!  There’s no need for dress up.  And so, if you’re a member of law enforcement, please note that there is a time and place to work through your psychological issues.  The place to do that is a shrink’s office; it is not during an arrest.


  1. Our police nowadays are really paramilitary organizations equipped to fight low-level insurgencies.

    They are extremely dangerous because of their equipment, training and attitude of privilege. Their behavior towards unarmed civilians will only get much worse, and the surprisingly high rate of murder-by-cop will only become routine.

    Enjoy your new police state.

  2. @sykes.1- I'm sure we will enojy our new police state. At least things will be safer now, amirite?