21 January 2012

Science is not Story Time

But such mundane explanations of gross disparities are seldom emotionally satisfying -- least of all to those on the short end of these disparities. With the rise over time of an indigenous intelligentsia in Eastern Europe and the growing influence of mass politics, more emotionally satisfying explanations emerged, such as oppression, exploitation and the like.

One indication that you’re dealing with a religion and not actual science is the presence of a narrative.  Are you being presented with facts and data couple with rigorous analysis?  Or are you being told a story, complete with heroes and villains?

Incidentally, this highlights one reason I completely distrust the proponents of anthropogenic global warming.  What they write reads more like a religious text than an academic paper.  Of course, this applies to a whole host of subjects beyond global warming, although I maintain that global warming is currently the most egregious in this regard.

Anyhow, the point in all this is to simply point out that history and science are generally mundane, and anyone who presents them as otherwise is either lying or has an agenda.

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