22 February 2012

Book Review

Longtime readers won’t anything new in this book, as it is more or less a collection of Athol Kay’s self-selected best posts.  He covers a lot of fundamental subjects, like the definitions of alpha and beta, as well as the roles the respective traits the two play in marriage.  He also covers some aspects of his personal life, as well as providing plenty of examples of how he Games Jennifer on a day-to-day basis.  For some reason, there seems to be a disproportionate number of sci-fi references in this book as well.

More importantly, this book serves as a decent substitute to his blog, so that people can find his more relevant and insightful works quickly.  It’s like holding all of his better posts in hand, as a convenient reference and/or review.

While, as mentioned before, this book is basically a bunch of his better blog posts (which means that its contents can be found on his blog), it is still worth buying for two reasons.  First, it’s a convenient reference that can be filled with notes and highlights (which is especially easy with a Kindle).  Instead of bookmarking a bunch of his posts, you can have easy access to his best posts and you can add to them in a manner of speaking a well as highlight his more profound or applicable observations.

Second, this book would serve as a great introduction to Game.  His first primer is better geared to those who have already accepted the reality of Game (though it can serve as an introduction), but this book is less threatening, and more humorous than the Primer.  As such, it should serve as a fairly innocuous introduction to Game, and would likely make a good wedding present.

Also, buying the book is a good way to support Athol for his wonderful contributions to the manosphere.  He’s written quite a bit worthy of recommendation and appreciation, and buying his book is probably easier than buying him a cold one.  Also, he doesn’t handle alcohol so well (or so says the book), so buying the book would probably be better received.

In all, the book is a fun, engaging read, much like his blog (quelle surprise, non?).  There is a lot of good stuff in the book, and it’s an easy way to read the highlights of the blog.  There isn’t anything new, of course, but what’s there is worth revisiting from time to time, and the book makes it easy to do so.

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