06 February 2012

Fashion and Future

From TakiMag:

Much like a film can be placed in time by its visual feel, so too can fashion, providing a winsome record of the world at large. In the 60s, we see the greater political outlook reflected in bohemian blouses and floral patterns. The 80s, with big shoulders and garish colors, evoked the revival of laissez-faire capitalism and political grandstanding. According to Garavani, fashion reflects the time in which we live. He says “it must also, like a movie or music, inspire and make people dream.”

If these two posts at The Sartorialist are any indication, fashion has taken a dark, fascist turn. The fashions modeled at these shows are filled with dark colors and militaristic cuts.  The models look grim and soulless.  If this is the future, then it is a utilitarian future, largely devoid of hope.  And full of ugliness to boot.

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