27 February 2012

The God of Feminism

In an indirect way The Thinking Housewife says society does not worship women, but rather still men since women are really men these days. The thing is society does not understand that it forces women to "negate their femaleness". Society does not think women are taking on manly traits, but rather equally womanly traits that were there all along, but were just oppressed by men. It then celebrates and worships women for rising above male oppression and being the strong women they always were.

As I’ve noted before, feminists define themselves by men, and view men as the ideal.  More specifically, they view alpha males as the ideal, and essentially worship them, as evidenced by how feminists act like alpha males (aggressiveness, defining themselves by their social status, etc.).  Really, everything about feminism is defined by men.

The metrics of equality and accomplishment are always based on comparisons to men.  For example, feminists often complain about how women are marginalized in sports, even though sports and athletic competition has long been the province of men.  Feminists also complain about how women are less accomplished in business than men, even though business has long been the province of men.

Furthermore, as Laura notes, everything that is distinctly feminine in women is looked down upon by feminists (at least of the first wave variety). Instead of emphasizing their unique abilities and specific, gender-conferred advantages, feminists choose to focus on being like men and besting them.  In doing so, they necessarily focus on being better than men in those specific areas where men have their greatest advantage.  In doing so, feminists confine themselves to a life of misery because they are continually picking fights where they have the greatest disadvantage and belittling the fights where they have the greatest advantage, which results in continually emphasizing their areas of inferiority while simultaneously belittling their areas of superiority.

Ultimately, feminism isn’t focused on women at all, except in a nominal sense.  Ultimately, feminism is about being like one of the boys.  Or, as The Thinking Housewife puts it, “modern feminism is penis envy writ large.”


  1. In some ways, society is becoming more masculine, in a distorted sense.

    As I've said elsewhere, it's quite ironic that the ONE thing, without question, at which women are infinitely better than men, bearing a child, they give up.

  2. @Carnivore- I think that women feel their eventual victory over men--if it ever happens--will be more meaningful if they handicap themselves first.

  3. very nice conceptual take on this frustrating social disease (feminism).

    Yes, hysteria is rampant in our culture, as the fiddles start coming out to herald in the last days.