29 February 2012

In Which Feminists Learn That Democracy Sucks

And cue the feminists snarkily complaining about how the government goes against their desires:

The Virginia Senate passed its mandatory ultrasound bill today. A Democratic Senator tried to amend it so that the Virginia women who are subjected to a mandatory medically unnecessary medical procedure aren’t also required to cover the cost of that procedure. Republicans said, “No thanks.”
The Alabama State Senator who proposed a mandatory transvaginal ultrasound bill has changed it so that a woman would be able to choose between a medically unnecessary transvaginal sonogram and a medically unnecessary abdominal sonogram. Damn, it feels good to have choice, doesn’t it ladies?

As I noted for conservatives, and also for liberals, if you’re going to use the government to impose your vision on the world, don’t be surprised if it comes back to bite you in the butt.  To quote an insightful, highly intelligent blogger:

Ultimately, the downside of going all in for mob rule democracy is that the mob can turn against you rather quickly.  And as undoubtedly pleasant as it is to force other people to conform to your will, the reverse is pretty horrible.  Which is why democracy sucks.  The mob is often wrong, and it’s very unpleasant when forcing its wrongness on others.


  1. The Birth Control Mandate debate is raging on in other corners of the web, and a similar situation was noted: what if Santorum won? What could a President Santorum force colleges, universities, and hospitals to do, since Obama is permitted to mandate religious groups to go against their own morals?

    Ha ha ha ha ha. The schadenfreude is so lovely it's sinful.

    PS glad to be back, kids mostly OK at the moment and I have too much to write about to even know where to start.


  2. @Cranberry- The schadenfreude is indeed wonderful. I love it when big government types (from both sides of the aisle) have democracy work against them, as it provides a "teachable moment" as to why the government shouldn't be given power.

    I'm you and yours are doing well at the moment. You'll find that the feeling of having too much to write never really goes away.