27 February 2012

An Irrelevant Metric

Men are turned off by successful women
The rise of the alpha female is one of the most striking features of modern society. A century ago, intelligent and capable women were frustrated by laws and conventions that kept them out of the professions, and were not even seen as desirable mates. Now, such women are succeeding sexually as well as professionally. Fifty years ago, male surgeons married nurses; now they are as likely to marry other doctors. This effect is seen most strongly in IT and engineering, which until recently were strongly male-dominated. In Silicon Valley, the influx of women has led to a proliferation of high-flying techno-families.

Male attraction, by and large, is not dependent on a woman’s economic success.  In fact, male attraction is largely contingent on a woman’s looks.  As long as a woman is sufficiently attractive, she will generally be able to attract men regardless of whether she’s a Fortune 500 CEO or a broke college student.  As such, a woman’s socio-economic status is pretty much irrelevant to the question of male attraction.

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