15 February 2012

Just Get Married Already

So there are some evangelicals who apparently want to take the licentiousness out of (St.) Valentine’s day, and they have decided to make February 14th into “Purity Day,” wherein white bread middle class evangelicals pledge to remain pure until marriage.  This holiday even comes with a completely cringe-worthy video, perhaps in an attempt to embarrass takers of the purity pledge and thus test their resolve.

I, of course, completely support remaining pure until being married, seeing as how that’s pretty much God’s expectation (at least as I understand God’s condemnation of fornication).  However, I think that there’s a better alternative to Purity Day.  It’s called Wedding Day, when a horny young Christian male gets married to a horny young Christian female, mainly for the purpose of having sex in a non-fornicative manner, and also for sharing lives, having kids, and all that jazz.

While remaining pure until marriage is a very good and Godly thing, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to heavily push purity without also heavily pushing marriage.  Haley has discussed the latter topic to some degree of depth at her blog, and the main point is this:  among white bread middle-class evangelicals, there is a decent amount of pressure to wait for God to provide someone for you, which will likely happen once your life is perfect.*

The best advice, then, would be to remain pure until marriage and get married ASAP.  The Purity Day initiative tacitly admits that young people have powerful sexual urges; how is “deny them indefinitely” better advice than “find a way to take satiate them morally”?  Again, the mind boggles at this backwardness, wherein presumably well-intentioned people give advice that ignores half of the relevant conclusions, and will thus lead to unnecessary frustration.  Thus, evangelicals need to stop saying “just keep staying pure” and start saying “just get married already.”

* Incidentally, this is terrible theology.  One’s life will only ever be perfect in heaven where, as Christ noted, “they neither marry nor are given in marriage.”


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  2. Yes, they should be considering the entire picture, but, then, they'd have to get their house in order when it comes to marriage as well. Usually pretty quick to the "man up" department but not on the "woman up" side.

  3. A bajillion agreements! People completely forget that throughout virtually all human history, humans began families when they were far, far, far less prepared than we're advising people to be now. "I can't get married, I don't have my BA in psychology yet" Biatch whaaaat?? Your great-great-great-grandparents bore your great-great-grandparents while living in slumlike conditions far below anything that exists in the world today outside of warzones.

  4. @Carnivore- Yes. By waiting, the guys become more desperate and thus more willing to capitulate to women's princess fantasies while women become more willing to settle for sniveling betas. Getting married early encourages men to act more alpha (act early so as not to get stuck with the leftovers) and also encourages women to stop riding the carousel.

    @GFM- The way I see it, humans are remarkably adept at raising children, even in the most dire of situations. The idea that not having a Master's is going to somehow impoverish your future children is laughable.