15 February 2012

A Moderate, A Liberal, and A Conservative Walk Into a Bar

The bartender looks up and says, “hey Mitt:”

In line with the Republican view, Romney criticized Obama this morning for doing nothing to reform entitlements. “This week, President Obama will release a budget that won’t take any meaningful steps toward solving our entitlement crisis,” Romney said in a statement e-mailed to reporters. “The president has failed to offer a single serious idea to save Social Security and is the only president in modern history to cut Medicare benefits for seniors. I believe we can save Social Security and Medicare with a few common-sense reforms, and – unlike President Obama – I’m not afraid to put them on the table.”

So conservative Mitt says we need to solve our entitlement crisis and liberal Mitt says we do that by saving Social Security and Medicare, which are the two largest federal expenditures.  You know, the GOP could have an exciting primary just with Mitt running against himself.


  1. The real question is, is he a liar or stupid or both?

  2. A liar, perhaps, and one with a healthy hamster running around up there. I don't think Romney is stupid, but politicians are capable of rationalizing anything.

    The candidate who gave Massachusetts universal health care is not going to be any better on entitlement reform than Obama, or anyone else. Social Security and Medicare are going to be huge issues because of one important demo: The Boomers. They want their slice of pie and will fight like hell to be certain they get it, even if they have to bend their children and grandchildren over to get it. Romney knows this, and he can't let that precious voting bloc, which already skews heavily Democrat, get away.

  3. @Carnivore- he's a politician.

    @Cranberry- More boomers are starting to get government benefits, and htey aren't going to let go easily. I'd expect politicians to become more Romney-esque in this department, and for America to go broke.