22 February 2012

Obamao the Fraud

It isn’t news that Obamao is a statist masquerading as a pro-Civil Rights leftist.  It is news, though, that his statism has taken a turn for the drug war:

But over the past year, the Obama administration has quietly unleashed a multi­agency crackdown on medical cannabis that goes far beyond anything undertaken by George W. Bush. The feds are busting growers who operate in full compliance with state laws, vowing to seize the property of anyone who dares to even rent to legal pot dispensaries, and threatening to imprison state employees responsible for regulating medical marijuana. With more than 100 raids on pot dispensaries during his first three years, Obama is now on pace to exceed Bush's record for medical-marijuana busts. "There's no question that Obama's the worst president on medical marijuana," says Rob Kampia, executive director of the Marijuana Policy Project. "He's gone from first to worst."
The federal crackdown imperils the medical care of the estimated 730,000 patients nationwide – many of them seriously ill or dying – who rely on state-sanctioned marijuana recommended by their doctors. In addition, drug experts warn, the White House's war on law-abiding providers of medical marijuana will only drum up business for real criminals. "The administration is going after legal dispensaries and state and local authorities in ways that are going to push this stuff back underground again," says Ethan Nadelmann, director of the Drug Policy Alliance. Gov. Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, a former Republican senator who has urged the DEA to legalize medical marijuana, pulls no punches in describing the state of affairs produced by Obama's efforts to circumvent state law: "Utter chaos."

The drug war is a losing proposition for a variety of reasons.  First, it does nothing to eliminate (or, apparently, even reduce) demand for drugs.  Second, the incentives posed by the drug war strongly incentivize increasing the black market for drugs.  Third, the drug war contributes to political corruption and increases state power and violence.  As such, the drug war is all costs and no benefits.

Additionally, the drug war fundamentally ignores human rights.  As long as one’s actions do not directly interfere with anyone else’s exercise of personal rights, then one can do whatever one wants.  The consumption of marijuana is not inherently an infringement on someone else’s rights, and should therefore not be outlawed.

Finally, medical marijuana—the issue at hand—is no more problematic as a drug than morphine, oxycontin or vicodin.  If these drugs can be used legally, why not marijuana?  After all, people have getting addicted to morphine, oxycontin, vicodin, and other powerful painkillers.  And it’s not like marijuana isn’t a painkiller.  If one generally non-deadly pain reliever can be permitted, then all generally non-deadly pain relievers can also be permitted.  To do otherwise is nothing more than hypocritical moral posturing.

At this point, it should be clear that Obama is continuing the moralist’s war on marijuana, and continuing the statism that has been encroaching on US citizens’ liberty for decades.  As such, it is time for him to go.

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